Specialist Services

Pathology investigation in a laboratory is estimated to be involved in 70-80% of all health care decisions that affect diagnosis and treatment. SYNLAB Specialist Services provides a broad variety of tests and analysis that can be carried out on numerous samples such as blood, swabs, saliva, urine and tissue.

SYNLAB offers a full range of medical laboratory services for practising doctors, clinics and the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Latent Tuberculosis Infection testing (LTBI)
  • Point of Care Testing
  • Renal and Dialysis Services
  • Specialist Testing for cancer and women’s health
  • Occupational Health
  • Nutritional Health

Synlab is Europe’s largest pathology services company operating in 35 countries. SYNLAB’s scale enables it to develop unrivalled partnerships with suppliers to gain access to the most innovative equipment and novel tests as they are released into the market. SYNLAB’s preferred partnerships enables it to source these innovative tests and to find ways to introduce these tests both to private physicians and clinics, as well as to NHS organisations. SYNLAB has developed a very wide portfolio of molecular and genetic diagnostic tests and is continually innovating its repertoire of tests to ensure that its partners have access to the most novel tests as they are launched.

Specialist Tests
The Team

Dr Stuart Quin
Chief Executive Officer
Synlab UK

Hannah Blackburn
Business Development Director
Synlab UK