What we do

Pathology is a vital element of healthcare and is often referred to as the golden thread that runs through clinical diagnosis. As a discipline it represents only around 3% of all healthcare expenditure, but is the basis of over 70% of all patient care decisions.

iPP was established in 2010 to enable the NHS and independent healthcare providers in the UK to provide the support, expertise and investment to transform pathology services by taking full advantage of new technology and methods that improve the quality and cost efficiency of these critical services.

The Pathology Modernisation Programme and the Carter Reviews including the 2016 review of hospital efficiency all recognised the need for a change of scale for pathology services to be able to safeguard services for the future. In February 2016, Lord Carter stated that

“ there [should be] a consistent approach to the quality and cost of diagnostic services across the NHS. If benchmarks for pathology are unlikely to be achieved, trusts should have agreed plans for consolidation with, or outsourcing to, other providers… ”

It is clear that Pathology services should evaluate opportunities to work in different ways to enhance care pathways, enable patients to manage their conditions and save resources across health economies. Early diagnosis to prevent premature mortality, care of long term conditions and acute care are all areas in which pathology has an enormous role to play, not only in supporting clinical teams, helping design pathways, and making results visible and interpretable for patients, but also in innovation to make patient pathways faster and more targeted to achieve optimal outcomes.

iPP works with strategic partners to provide innovative, clinically-led, responsive pathology services, delivering diagnostic tests to support the clinical management of patients. iPP partners with NHS acute hospitals, community hospitals, general practice and independent sector providers across the UK to offer a wide range of tests and services ranging from phlebotomy, routine and urgent tests through to the launch of cutting edge molecular diagnostics. More information about the testing we undertake can be found in our test index.