Health Investor Magazine: Achievements of SPS

An article in Health Investor Magazine in December 2015 spoke to Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive Paul Mears about the benefits of the joint venture, Southwest Pathology Services.

These included:
Improved speed: “Turnaround times for urgent tests have massively improved.  For example, between April and June 2014, 90% of paediatric blood culture tests were completed in under 100 hours.  Whereas between April and June 2015, 90% of tests were completed in under 50 hours.”

Reduced costs: “In the last year the annual cost of pathology for both FTs has reduced by just under 10% and the average price per test has also fallen.”

Collaborative working: “The partnership with iPP has helped both hospitals to use the same IT and equipment platforms.  If anything were to fail at Yeovil District Hospital or Taunton now, we can quickly move samples around the network to mitigate risk.  This is perhaps one of the greatest challenges we had in the past that has been addressed via this partnership.”

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Article Date: December 2015